Educational Consulting

Our Educational Consulting services will help you find the most suitable educational institutions for you. Knowing that each student will have different interests and requirements, we have formed an expert team with excellent qualities to sort it out from the huge list and help you make it easily. No matter whether it is about a specific course, location, facilities or even the infrastructure of the proposed institution for your future education, we will get it for you


It is not a big deal when you have the skills and qualifications that are the priority when it comes to job hunts. Unfortunately, not all people are making it even when they have the necessary qualifications and skills. With our placement services you can ensure that, you won’t face any such unlucky situation even after having a wonderful academic background. Moreover finding the dream job is a very crucial task that decides your future eventually.


Our contacts, facilities and experience will help you make the journey very much exceptional. Think about those special things you want to do while on a holiday and tell us your likes, interest and also desires. No matter how difficult it is, we will arrange it for you in a very secure and pleasant manner. Let the holidays do the magic on your family and live life happily. Our pleasure and satisfaction is when you make your holidays happy and stunning

Hotel Booking

Enjoy all pleasures of your holidays with us and make those days memorable for a lifetime. We know that each of you will have different needs and requirements when it comes to vacations and thus it is our greatest pleasure to present you with amazing support. We have an answer for all your queries and so there is no room for worries and errors. Our experience made us more free thinking and open to any challenge that comes our way.

Car Rental

Getting the best car that suits your mind and interests is also crucial. We understand what a traveller need more than just a car and we give you exactly the same things you desire. Never worry about the challenges that come around in the journey to your destinations or a repair. We have all necessary precautions and have kept great standards to ensure that nothing will bother you. Moreover, you will get a car whenever you want and that’s the best part.

Real Estate

The challenges involved in these tasks can make your objectives go unfulfilled. There are many practical issues that come into play when an inexperienced person tries to deal with real estate tasks. It can be made easy as we are very efficient in doing things quicker. Make a solid list of things you want to accomplish with these services and let us know your thoughts. We work in a way that exactly matches with our customers thoughts. It is our greatest advantage and we believe this helps us achieve a much better customer satisfaction rate.


Dear Aspirant.
As Chairman of Seeker Global, It is my privilege to welcome all aspirants to the most dynamic, innovative and significant decision while planning for your impressive future. If your passion and hobby becomes your work, then there is no dearth of job satisfaction and I am confident that you have prepared well to achieve your goals. Saturate your mind with success, and success will automatically come to you .Do not be disheartened by your drawbacks or disabilities, no one is perfect. Depend on your plus points and utilize them fully to attain success.

Why Choose Us

  • Spot& Fast Admission
  • Educational loan for study in India &abroad
  • Scholarship for deserved
  • Orientation Camp
  • Assistance and guidance during study years
  • Educational visa and Residence permit for STUDY ABROAD student